Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hump day!

Is it jus me or does everyone feel better with a little tan? After moving back to the cold, I have been pasty white for the last 6 mo!!! I couldn't take it anymore!!!
BUT after years of abusing my skin with tannin beds in college, I just didn't want to do the beds again, so I found a spray tan place close to my house. For 10 bucks, they were offering airbrush spray tans!!! Score! I went yesterday and I was a little skeptical bc I came out looking brown as a bear with instructions not to shower for 8 hours. The truth is after 5.5 hours, I took a shower...I couldn't sleep with all that junk on my skin so I was a lil afraid that the tan wouldn't take. Boy was I wrong! I am less tan then when they sprayed me but I have a really nice, more natural looking hue with NO streaks!
I think it wAs totally worth it and no feeling guilty about increasing my chances of skin cancer! woo hoo!

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