Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby proofing 101 and 102

SOoooo months ago, Matt baby proofed the house...plastic thingy's in the plugs, locks on cabinets, moved cleaning supplies to the basement. We thought we were all set for when MJ decided he wanted to get his move on....
NOPE! MJ started crawling last week and we were in for a rude awakening. We needed to up the anty in the baby proofing dept. We went as far as getting a new entertainment center and a gate for the kitchen. This way, we dont have to worry about the baby playing in the doggie dish or getting his finger stuck in the lazy susan OR constantly grabbing the cable boxes. It took a full day to re-baby proof but its looking good.
MJ still likes to give me a heart attack by pulling himself up on anything and everthing and occasionally bumping his noggen. Poor baby.
Here are some pics of MJ in jail....errrr I mean behind the baby gate.

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