Sunday, November 20, 2011

To my boy (16mo)

Dear MJ

Wow, time flies when you have a lil one growing like a weed. You are getting so big and independent, it amazes me everyday. Your dad and I call you "lil monkey" bc you are constantly climbing on EVERYTHING. It makes me crazy bc I worry too much but you are a tough boy...and you hardly cry when you fall or bump your head.
-You love playing outside with your big red ball (throwing lefty) and playing fetch with charlie and her tennis ball.

-I have attempted to go for a stroll down the block with you but you constantly try to run in the street so you are confined to the fenced in yard until you get it.

-You make the funniest "oooohhh" face when something makes a loud sound or you drop something, its the funniest thing ever

-You love to laugh and clap at anything which makes watching bears games even more fun

-You still love dogs...ALL dogs...even ones that dont like you (like Diego)

-You wear size 5 or 6 shoes and have the cutest high top Nikes, you love the velco strap on top

-You dont talk much but you love making lots of noise and you point to what you want...or try to open the fridge when you want juice or milk

-You will give hugs and kisses but usually not when its always a nice suprise!

-You show us where your belly button, nose, and head is.

-You constantly try to put your finger in my belly button and laugh when I shreik bc it tickles.

-You are such a good cuddle-er in the morning and right before bed

These 16mo have been the happiest and most fun part of my life. I'm so lucky that you are my son.