Thursday, May 17, 2012

Big and beautiful?

I never felt like a beautiful pregnant person...I just felt big!
I took very few pics bc I just didnt feel my best.
So for those who never saw me we go.
First one with MJ on the evening before the hospital and the second was with Fiona about 30 min before she was born!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

things that make you go hmmmm?

Do you think they look alike?
I get mixed reviews from the family.
Matt thinks they look alike. I think they look different.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Letter to my girl

To my sweet girl Fiona,

Its only been 6 weeks but I have already forgotten what our lives were like before you came. You have been the perfect addition to our family. We needed some more pink and girliness and shoes and dresses where there was once only blue and rambunctiousness and trucks and dirt.
MJ loves you but doesnt understand that he needs to be quiet and gentle with you. It melts my heart to watch him kiss your hands and touch your nose and call you "sissy."
You are a totally different baby than MJ was. Maybe it was the constant noise and movement while in utero but you love to be on the go and can sleep thru lots of squeals and screams. You are totally a mama's girl so far. You love to be close to me and we spend quality time cuddling in the early mornings when the house is still quiet and after MJ goes to bed and things slow down for the night. You are content in the swing or carrier most of the time when I am chasing your big brother around or cleaning. You can sleep through the dog barking and the vacuum running. Your dad and I hear you make the cutest sleeping sounds and we say its like a kitten purring. We stare at you and wonder how did we get so lucky? Another beautiful and healthy lil baby.

Love always,


Thursday, May 10, 2012

She's here! (1mo old)

Fiona Elizabeth Morris is 1 month old (already)!
As I get adjusted to having 2 little ones I plan on writing more posts...
I definitley have more energy now that I am not carrying that extra 45lbs but keeping up with these 2 babies is exhausting but lots of fun.
MJ is talking a lot now...some of which we understand. He loves his sister most of the time and kisses her head and hands and feet daily. Fiona loves to eat which has helped mama melt this baby weight off....almost there!
I cant believe I have 2 babies under 2yo. I feel so lucky and happy and emotional and crazy and busy.
Here are some pics to get ya up to speed of our life in the last 6 weeks. Its been an amazing whirlwind.
March 28th

April 29th MJ/Daddy day at Putnam Museum for the Dino exhibit

In big brother's pj's

enjoying chocolate ice cream

my lil family :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

22 mo and 1 mo

Dont laugh at how horribly unprofessional these look. They were taken while Fiona was hungry and while MJ was jumping to grab the camera out of my hand...I did catch a cute pic of MJ trying to make Fiona stop crying by holding her hand :)

OK this one is from her newborn photoshoot

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

19 mo old and gearing up for a baby sis!

Yep, my baby is already 19 months old and I can hardly believe it. Time really flies when your having fun!
I cant give you his exact stats bc we havent done the 18mo appt yet but last time we went to the doc (for an ear infection boo!) MJ weighed 34lbs. He's a big boy and keeps me buff.
MJ is everywhere and into everything which makes him a lot of fun and a lot of work...haha!
It took us awhile to babyproof the new house but its all set now so MJ can run free without his parents tailing him to be sure he's not breaking things or getting electrocuted or scary things like that.
We are busy doing lots of home improvements before BABY MORRIS 2 comes in early i should say Matt is busy with home projects and i'm pretty busy with MJ and being pregnant.
All signs point to it being a girl this time which is very exciting!!!
MJ is getting used to seeing me hold babies at the daycare I am working part time at lately....lets just say...this should be interesting.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

To my boy (16mo)

Dear MJ

Wow, time flies when you have a lil one growing like a weed. You are getting so big and independent, it amazes me everyday. Your dad and I call you "lil monkey" bc you are constantly climbing on EVERYTHING. It makes me crazy bc I worry too much but you are a tough boy...and you hardly cry when you fall or bump your head.
-You love playing outside with your big red ball (throwing lefty) and playing fetch with charlie and her tennis ball.

-I have attempted to go for a stroll down the block with you but you constantly try to run in the street so you are confined to the fenced in yard until you get it.

-You make the funniest "oooohhh" face when something makes a loud sound or you drop something, its the funniest thing ever

-You love to laugh and clap at anything which makes watching bears games even more fun

-You still love dogs...ALL dogs...even ones that dont like you (like Diego)

-You wear size 5 or 6 shoes and have the cutest high top Nikes, you love the velco strap on top

-You dont talk much but you love making lots of noise and you point to what you want...or try to open the fridge when you want juice or milk

-You will give hugs and kisses but usually not when its always a nice suprise!

-You show us where your belly button, nose, and head is.

-You constantly try to put your finger in my belly button and laugh when I shreik bc it tickles.

-You are such a good cuddle-er in the morning and right before bed

These 16mo have been the happiest and most fun part of my life. I'm so lucky that you are my son.