Friday, May 11, 2012

Letter to my girl

To my sweet girl Fiona,

Its only been 6 weeks but I have already forgotten what our lives were like before you came. You have been the perfect addition to our family. We needed some more pink and girliness and shoes and dresses where there was once only blue and rambunctiousness and trucks and dirt.
MJ loves you but doesnt understand that he needs to be quiet and gentle with you. It melts my heart to watch him kiss your hands and touch your nose and call you "sissy."
You are a totally different baby than MJ was. Maybe it was the constant noise and movement while in utero but you love to be on the go and can sleep thru lots of squeals and screams. You are totally a mama's girl so far. You love to be close to me and we spend quality time cuddling in the early mornings when the house is still quiet and after MJ goes to bed and things slow down for the night. You are content in the swing or carrier most of the time when I am chasing your big brother around or cleaning. You can sleep through the dog barking and the vacuum running. Your dad and I hear you make the cutest sleeping sounds and we say its like a kitten purring. We stare at you and wonder how did we get so lucky? Another beautiful and healthy lil baby.

Love always,


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