Saturday, August 28, 2010

After a hot day of golf....(well for Matt, not MJ)

Like Father, Like son
They sleep the same

MJ and his pups.

MJ and the furbabies
This is as close as Bella will come...not a huge fan of the baby.
Charley and Baby MJ

MJ's protector

Post mealtime Happiness :)

MMMM, my belly is fullllllllll!

Playtime with Grover!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MJ is 6 weeks old today!

Here he is enjoying his playtime mat gym. MJ loves it and will sit there for a bit while being entertained by music and the colorful toys.

Things they dont tell you...

Your belly button doesnt go back in right still...approx. 6 weeks later...still an outtie (embarassing but true)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy 1 month old to my sunshine (...yesterday)!

My pooper is already 1 month old!!! wow, how time flies! I cant believe he has been our little boy for a month. I have never been more tired in my life but I have never been so happy.
In 1month we have figured these things out about Matthew Jr:
- He loves baths...just not the getting out of the warm water part.
- He pretends to hate being swaddled but then he sleeps like a little angel
-He loves weekly trips to Target and being in his stroller
-He likes to pee on his dad...or poop (matt has been pee'd on at least 4 times)
-He's really big into cuddling especially when he has a full tummy
-He hates being burped and will scream and buck his little body
-Charley is officially MJ's dog and no longer Matt's dog (he's a little sad about this)
-He loves listening to music with his dad and hear all about whats going on on