Sunday, June 26, 2011

MJ and daddy day!

I was a bridesmaid for my cousins wedding on June 18th. The day started with hair and makeup at 9:30am and didnt end until we hit the reception around 730pm. This means I spent the WHOLE day away from MJ. The good news is that he was with Matt all day so they had a great time. I was finally able to see my baby around 730pm when we made our entrance to the reception. The wedding was absolutely beautful and my cousin was a gorgeous bride.
Here is MJ, Matt, and I. MJ is a party animal.

PS: MJ took his first unassisted steps on June 22nd!!!
yay! My baby is getting soooo big

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fam Photo Sneak Preview

I'm not going to put all of them up...bc lets be honest, no one wants to see 35 pics of our lil family....and I want to use a few of them for his 1st bday invitations so I dont want to spoil that.