Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love and hate

Things I have been loving lately (or always):

-MJ's baby talk
-Justin beiber ( I know, shut up)
-hobby lobby and crafting
-aveda hair products
-DVr (how did I ever live without this?)
-my Bobbi brown lip gloss (thanks Marcmal)
-watching the bachelor with a glass of red wine and my phone (to txt my gf all of our bitchy commentary)
-trying to update our 1970's nightmare of a house
-headbands (much more practical then blow drying)
-making lists :)

Things I have been hating lately( or always)
-The View (more specifically Elizabeth hasselBeck)
-wedding planning (stressful!)
-Aaron Rodgers
-bundling the baby up to venture outside
-people who don't help u by holding the door open when u have ur hands full and ur pushing a stroller
-Cloth diapering (ok I don't hate it but it's like I get it ur going green but am I the only one that couldn't fathom the mess???)


  1. Never had Beiber Fever but I saw him yesterday on Ellen and thought he was adorable.

  2. Go Carly, cloth diapers!? I didn't know they still made them! I use to use them on Matt's butt. My favorite ones had velcro on them so you didn't need to use pins. Cloth definitely not good for travel.