Thursday, April 7, 2011

My son is funny that way....

In the journey that is MJ's sleep habits, Matt and I have learned to NEVER EVER talk about him having a good night. Because when we do, the sleep gods make sure our next night is not so good. Neither of us have talked about or commented on his sleep progress in the last few weeks, besides the little green dot we put on the calendar to keep track of "good nights," we are even careful to not make eye contact after the dot is made on the calendar so a grin or smile to each other cant be misconstrued as smug or cocky after a full night of sleep. So it was a great suprise to us that last night was one of those not so good nights. He went down at 730pm, no problemo. But our real marathon started at midnight and our star runner was MJ. From 12 til 3am, I tried to get him to go back to sleep. He wrestled, squirmed, and cried. Finally at 415am, I put him in his crib and gave up....Matt's turn. Matt got up at 430am and after unsuccessfully trying to get him to sleep, sat and rocked with him until 6am. Yep, he finally went to bed at 6am!!! Just in time for Matt to take a shower and get to work. Poor guy! MJ slept til 8:15am and was up and ready for the day. I'm not kidding by the way. What a night!!
You dont even want to know how the rest of the day went. I'm leaving it at that.
Oh motherhood, most days are great and spending the day with my son is amazing, but every once in awhile its a real doosie.
I'm thinking it is another tooth that is giving our lil guy a hard time.

Ok, time for bed....

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