Sunday, April 3, 2011

Guest Post from Auntie Boog

Dear Chunky Nugget,
I can't believe how big you're getting! In a few days you'll be 9 months old already and every day I wish I was closer so I can be there seeing you grow up. Every day I talk to your mom and  I am so happy hearing you in the background making adorable noises, listening to your already contagious laughter, and even "talking" to you on the phone. I hope you'll at least recognize my voice when I see you. As much as I want you to stay a baby forever, I also can't wait until you're old enough to know how much I am willing to spoil you. I can tell you now, every time you see me I will bring presents for you. Everything your parents say you can't have, you can come ask me... I'll probably say yes.
I will be seeing you in 2 weeks and I can't wait to cuddle you and hug and kiss you. I can't wait until May when you come to AZ to experience 100+ degrees. I love getting to hear the stories of all your accomplishments that are happening every day... even if that's the ONLY thing your grandma wants to talk about on the phone sometimes. You are the beginning of our family's next generation so you'll learn to get used to us all fawning over you all the time. I love you so much and am sending you kisses and hugs.
Auntie Boog

MJ, in all his presents from Auntie Boog.

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