Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 25 things I'm thankful for this year :)

1. My beautiful healthy son. He's makes life worth living. The fall leaves seem more vibrant, the gray sunless days dont seem so gloomy, and he makes regular everyday things exciting again.

2. My wonderful fiance. He took such great care of me when I was pregnant, he was so comforting when I was going through a little health scare, and he's been such a great hands on father to our lil chunker. I'm a lucky girl to have such a great partner in life.

3. My family. My family has been so supportive and helpful with my son and with our big move back to the Midwest. MJ is lucky to have such great grandparents, Aunt, great Aunt, Great gramma, and cousins.

4. My health. I will never take this for granted again.

5. My sister for being understanding when I was(is?) a hormonal crazy mess after having the baby and continues to be my best friend through it all. She is one of a kind.

6. Matt's family. They have been incredibly helpful in our move, with getting cars from here to there, finding a house, staying at their house, flying with our dog, helping with the baby, giving the baby all kinds of clothes  and gifts. Phew!!! Thank you.

7. Bella: My Florida puppy dog. She loves the cold as much as she loved the sun. She drives me nuts sometimes but she's still my baby.

8. Charley: I love that she still thinks that she is MJ's mom.

9. The opportunity to stay home w the baby for the first year of his life.

10. My amazing  Chicago friends: Jenna, Heather, Marcy, JoAnn, Miller.

11. Seeing MJ eat his first bit if baby food. Hilarious.

12. Playing Fetch w the dogs in our new big yard.

13. Florida friends: mubs, adam, liz, drew, dolan, liz j, marianne, dani, caitlin, tara, amg

14. decorating our new place

15. Free babysitters (Gramma Dar and Peaches)

16. Seeing the fall leaves in person this year

17. Hardees burgers

18. Introducing MJ to friends and family

19. Visiting w outta town friends

20. A good cup of coffee after a long night w the baby

21. When matt lets me sleep in and does all the night and early morning feedings

22. planning an easier trip from the QC to see family for the holidays.

23. Spending time watching "its always sunny" and "the league" w matt after successfully getting the baby to bed....with a glass of wine

24. seeing 2 deer eat out of my neighbors bird feeder every night after dark

25. Hearing MJ's laugh


  1. Brought a bit of a tear to my eye! I am thankful for your whole little family (and that your hormonal craziness has subsided). I love you so much!! xoxoxo
    PS I'm turkey, happy thanksgiving...

  2. Superb list Carly! So many great things to be thankful for. Hope you guys had a great thanksgiving!