Friday, October 1, 2010

Pics of MJ in his romper!!!

Haha! I think its called a romper. Its so cute. This picture was taken after one of his famous diaper blowouts and subsequent sponge bath. I'm pretty sure he ruined another one-sie. Boo! Anyway, I thought we would do a little photo op.....Oh and by the way, this particular diaper blowout leaked onto my jeans. Yeah, great! But guess what! they were my PRE-PREGNANCY jeans so I have plenty more that I fit in. The gross thing is that I still wore my poop jeans for like 20 minutes before I had time to change. AhHH! thats gross


  1. YAY for pre-preg jeans! Even if they are full of poop. Love his pic with his buddy :)

  2. So you have poop jeans now? Yikes - I guess that is part of being a mommy. I love the pictures where it looks like MJ is laughing. You have so many great one's like that!! He seems like such a happy baby.